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A Charter Health Rosetta Certified Benefits Advisor

Small businesses and their middle class employees are suffering in our country, paying far more for healthcare than the value they get in return. It doesn’t have to be that way. Imagine happier, more empowered employees and lower healthcare costs. Our clients are proving it’s possible.
— Edward D. Smith, CIC, Executive VP of Hutchinson Traylor & Founder of HealthTree

We leverage our large employer resources for your needs, bringing you:

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Lower Cost

through innovative plan design and volume purchasing power. (You may be eligible for one of our benefits aggregation platforms.)

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from penalties and regulatory headaches by providing complete guidance from our Chief Compliance Officer.

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Comprehensive Technology

that integrates seamlessly with your payroll function.

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Wellness options

that are fully vetted and actually work.

 We understand the challenges facing small business owners.

You must attract and retain talented employees just like larger companies but with more limited resources.

Our employee benefits team becomes your HR department, providing the guidance, technology and compliance support you need to administer a robust benefits package.


√ Are you tired of health insurance rate increases that don’t make any sense?

√ Are you frustrated that your healthcare costs are wildly unpredictable?

√ Are you overwhelmed by the complexity of healthcare?

√ Does it feel challenging to stay on top of the effective benefit solutions?




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What our clients are saying:

I value our partnership. Every benefit strategy, program and employee communication plan we’ve successfully initiated over the previous four years are a result of the energetic, creative and collaborative partnership Marty and I have with you, Megan and the entire HT team!
— Dawn Coker, Senior Director of Human Resources, LaGrange College

Here’s how HealthTree is different: First, they provided me with a 3 year business plan for my healthcare spend. Second, once they implemented that plan, the HealthTree strategies reversed 20 years of premium increases. We’re on track to spend HALF of what our competitors are spending, which gives us the advantage of a healthier bottom line. Part of me hopes our competitors stay in the dark.
— Kate Sams Peavy, VP of Operations, Cherokee Brick (Employee Benefits Client)