How to Save Money on Health Care Expenses

Written By: Michael Dollar

Date: September 23, 2016

Health care seems to get more expensive every year, doesn’t it? And, sometimes, even when you think you’re covered, your doctor orders a test that you find out later wasn’t. Or it may have been coded differently so your insurance will only pay part of it.

Introducing Medical Bill Saver™, another great WellTree benefit from Hutchinson Traylor. Medical Bill Saver does just what the name says: It will help you save money on medical and dental expenses.


Here’s how it works:

  1. Gather any uncovered medical or dental bills over $400.
  2. Call Medical Bill Saver. Your health advocate will look over your bill for free and work with your provider to find a way to lower your balance. Our experts know the ins and outs of billing practices and they are able to negotiate discounts on your behalf.
  3. Both you and your provider sign off on the arrangement.
  4. You will receive a statement summarizing the outcome
  5. Enjoy the savings – often 25% to 50% off your bill.


Medical Bills and Your Credit

It’s hard trying to contest medical bills on your own – all of the time spent calling and waiting on your health insurer and doctor. Did you know that half of bills in debt collection are medical-related? Don’t let medical bills ruin your good credit. The damage can be devastating. A single unpaid medical bill can lower your credit score by 100 points, which could cost you even more in higher interest rates for years. Avoid the hassle and let Medical Bill Saver™ take a look at those medical and dental bills.


Anytime Help for Your Family

Isn’t it time you got the quality health care you deserve for less? With WellTree, you and your family have access to advocates looking out for you and your family. You can get answers from U.S. board-certified doctors, pharmacists and psychologists – and also the people who can help you navigate the billing process.




Medical Bill Saver™ is just one of the great perks available with a WellTree discount card. Visit to learn about all of the ways your WellTree discount card will help your family save money and stay healthy.  You can also talk to your Hutchinson Traylor agent about insurance to protect your family. With offices in LaGrange, Columbus and Moultrie, Hutchinson Traylor always has you covered with comprehensive personal and commercial insurance coverage. Call today: 1.800.432.2997.


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